Hello Families!


Happy Summer!

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Remote Learning Plans

Berkeley Community School Remote Learning Plans

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ABCMouse (K-2) and Adventure Academy

(grades 3-8) continue to be free at this time.

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the links and access code.

Summer Message

Click here for the BCS Staff Unplugged Video                                          


Boys and girls…. Here is YOUR list of “unplugged” things to do this summer…


Run through the sprinkler, Smile, Build a sand castle, Eat an ice cream cone, Go camping, Swing on a tire swing, Pick strawberries, Plant a flower, Read a book, Sit in the sunshine, Jump over waves at the beach, Catch frogs or salamanders, Ride your bike, Spend time with your family, Do a cartwheel, Have a pillow fight, Write things in salt, Go to the beach, Play baseball, Have a Nerf fight, Play with Legos, Build a treehouse, Go horseback riding, Play with your friends, Boogie board, Go to the drive in, Go hiking, Play football, Work out, Dance, Fly a kite, Jump in a pool, Bake cupcakes, Jump rope, Blow bubbles, Explore a new place, Play mini golf, Go to a museum, Run laps, Play hockey, Catch fireflies, Eat a bag of skittles, Get some new school supplies, Draw outside scenery, Look at the stars, Make your own Popsicles, Write in a journal, Draw a picture, Play soccer, Have a race with your siblings, Make cookies, Play school, Take a nap, Go on a family road trip, Jump on the trampoline, Play a board game, Have a scavenger hunt, Play tag, Set up a lemonade stand, Play basketball, Make art, Do gymnastics, Make a blanket tent, Go to Patriots training camp, Go surfing, Climb a tree, Lay on your back & look at the clouds, Go shopping with your mom, Roast marshmallows, Sing a song, Whistle, Play kick the can, Ride a four wheeler, Go kayaking, Explore in the woods, Swing on a swing, Go over a friend’s house, Play hide and seek, Go on a boat, Go fishing, Do a science experiment, Catch butterflies, Walk the dog, Go to the park, Build a pillow fort, Eat a hot dog, Write on the driveway with chalk, hula-hoop, make slime, play cards, Play softball, Pick flowers, Go skateboarding, Ride a scooter, Watch a baseball game, Play with your dog, Change your room around, Make friendship bracelet, and finally, Laugh so hard it hurts!



Miss you all!

Be Safe and Be Happy!


Ms. DiMascio :)

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